March 18, 2005

Watch TV documentary about Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist:

"Watch SWR TV documentary on Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist - in London and Dubai
What does a Futurist actually do? Dr Dixon is contacted by TV, radio and press journalists around 200 times a year (up to 70 times in a single day) for comment on major issues and trends. Here is a short film made as a result of one of those calls.
SWR, the German equivalent of the BBC, sent a film crew to London to follow Dr Patrick Dixon over four days in December 2003. Dr Dixon has been ranked as one of the 50 most influential global business thinkers alive today (Thinkers50). SWR came to find out what day to day life is like.
The short film sequence joins Dixon at a government-sponsored think-tank on global trends with 25 other analysts, at home in his own TV studio from which he lectures to audiences in up to nine nations at the same time. We then travel with Dixon to Dubai where he speaks about 'The Spirit of Success' at a major client event for Fedex / Times of India, and then travels on, commenting on wider geo-political issues. "

March 15, 2005

books.htm: "Twelve Books by Dr Patrick Dixon
320,000 books printed in 19 languages (English, French, German, Polish, Chinese, Thai, Portugese, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, Czech, Hausa, Paite, Hindi, Urdu, Hungarian, Luganda, Nepalese and Swahili), plus a million chapters downloaded in just 15 months. Dr Dixon is often described in the world's media as Europe's leading Futurist, and has been ranked as one of the world's 50 most influential business thinkers.
NEWS: 'Building a Better Business' published in April 2005 with a $20,000 challenge - see below - also press reviews.
Free copies of 'AIDS and You' are available now in English, Spanish, French and Russian and many other languages listed above, in bulk, to organisations for distribution in developing countries - from ACET International Alliance website, in partnership with OM. The widely acclaimed handbook 'The Truth about AIDS' is available on the same basis. Save lives and care for those affected: donate to ACET online. $15 supports 10 AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe for a month; $130 supports a schools worker in Ukraine for a month; $50 pays for 150 books for project workers in India."

March 14, 2005

Impact of Global Trends on your Marketing Plan - Future of Marketing - Post Danmark - Dr Patrick Dixon

Impact of Global Trends on Your Marketing Plan - Direct marketing, TV, radio and press campaigns, interactive marketing, e-mail and online promotions, viral marketing. Changes in consumer behavior, lifestyles and values. Event for 900 senior marketing executives and CEOs of advertising agencies sponsored by Post Danmark. Closing session on 10 ways to improve your marketing plan.

March 13, 2005

AARP - Future Trends - Ageing / health / demographics and society - by Dr Patrick Dixon

The Future of Ageing - Science, demographics, politics and society impact of a society that could see huge increases in life expectancy over the next 50 years. Keynote for senior leadership of AARP - US action group representing over 35 million people over the age of 50.

March 12, 2005

How to write a better marketing plan - 10 steps to success - Dr Patrick Dixon for Post Danmak

How to develop a better marketing plan - presentation slides and videos
Future of Interactive Marketing - Dr Patrick Dixon for Skynet Belgacom

Interactive Marketing - Direct marketing in a digital world: iDTV, PDAs, SMS, mobile marketing, viral marketing, video marketing, opt-in e-mail campaigns - Keynote event for Skynet Belgacom high-level client marketing event. Low cost, high impact advertising campaigns - why interactive marketing is set to grow rapidly. Key marketing success stories and dangers to avoid.

March 11, 2005

Innovation - unleash the power! Dr Patrick Dixon workshop

Innovate!: Great Ideas for Radical Business Success - Innovation is fundamental to ongoing business health and product development. Macro-innovation and micro-innovation and why you need both. How to generate low cost, practical ideas that you can implement tomorrow at almost zero cost, with immediate support from management and rapid payback. Use the same process to find major innovations to transform your entire business..

March 10, 2005

Future of BBC radio, TV, online, broadcasting, audiences, social trends, news, current affairs, charter review - and commercial television - by Dr Patrick Dixon

Future of the BBC - public service broadcasting trends - UK TV, radio and world service - charter review. Presentation to 100 of most senior BBC executives. Sensitive client information has been deleted from this presentation. See also Future of BBC News Services - BBC World TV News, Global News and BBC World Service News. Presentation for senior news editors / executives.

March 09, 2005

Strategic Planning and Future of Business Strategy

Business school executive programme presentation. You can have the best strategy in the world, the best change management methods and the most talented teams but if your view of the future is wrong you will just go even faster in the wrong direction. We need future-vision, to be futurewise, and to understand what the prime drivers of strategic transformation will be for the next decade. A single four-word phrase will be the basis of all strategic transformation, all marketing and mission statements and all successful leadership...

March 08, 2005

UNIDO - impact of accession to EU of Central and Eastern Europen nations - and technology issues

The Future of Europe - keynote speech for UNIDO looking at the impact of joining the EU for 10 accession countries, and also the effect of new technology on their economies. Audience: cabinet ministers of 7 nations, and other government leaders from another six, including the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland.

March 07, 2005

Futurewise - Dr Patrick Dixon

Futurewise CEO Summit - keynote address at Unisys client event for CEOs of some of Europe's largest corporations including Banque de France, on global trends, the future of Europe, changes in consumer behaviour, investor expectations and corporate ethics (Grand Prix / Monaco - co-themed multimedia presentation).

March 06, 2005

Global Change Ltd - website statistics

Huge growth in traffic to our site - 7 million unique visitors
1 in 40 of all US web users have visited these pages since 1996.
1 in 440 Americans searching the web in a busy month comes here for answers. Around 60 million words requested in a single 24 hour period by 18,000 individual visitors who spent over 2,000 hours on site. Pages authored by Dr Patrick Dixon - in up to four countries a week. More than 15,000 other sites are talking about Dr Dixon.

March 05, 2005

The Truth About Westminster: "Democracy in Britain is in a dangerous state. Faith in politicians has sunk to an all-time low. But is the public image fair? Cash for questions, lobbying, political favours, patronage, party funding, whipping, indiscretions, secrecy, half-truths...What lies behind these issues?
'In a dictatorship I would have been bumped off - I knew too much. Instead I was sacked.' - Ex-Minister
'Some people can be bought off with an MBE. Others with a knighthood.' - Former Party Agent
'The life of MPs is liable to place them in the path of great sexual temptation.' - Lord Healey
'I sometimes wonder if we can afford the luxury of adversarial politics.' - Lord Weatherill
'We have reached the stage when every man and woman in this House is an object of suspicion.' - Sir Edward Heath
'We cannot legislate for integrity.' - Betty Boothrod
'We must be active in the political arena.' - Clive Calver

Patrick Dixon takes us behind the headlines to give a measured view, based on a series of revealing interviews backed by detailed research. He finds man MPs and Peers struggling with great pressures, conflicts and moral dilemmas. He concludes that the system itself is corrupting, and he proposes comprehensive reforms. He believes men and women with integrity have a vital role to play. "

March 04, 2005

Acet International Network - ASSET - Christian response to AIDS - Church AIDS programmes: "ACET International Alliance members have:
* Given practical support to more than 3,500 people with AIDS
* Supported over 1,000 orphans
* Educated more than a million children in school lessons about sexual health and drug abuse
* Distributed 1.4 million educational resources to teenagers
* Provided 60,000 free books to workers in hard-hit nations
* Given access for a million free online book chapters
* Educated more than 100,000 health care professionals
* Provided technical support and advice to a large number of national and international agencies based in more than twenty nations, mostly in the poorest parts of the world
In addition, more than a million book chapters and AIDS resources have been downloaded from our website / resource area in the last 18 months.
ACET projects in many nations
ACET Member organisations are found in Uganda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Thailand, India, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Jersey, Barbados and Guyana with a new Nigeria partnership about to begin. Work is growing most strongly in countries with low national income and high HIV incidence. "

March 03, 2005

Future of Banking: Video / Features on Future of Financial services, technology, customer relations, retail banking, corporate, wholesale and private banking trends: "Future of banking and financial services in Europe? Rapid European consolidation - Huge reduction in bank branches - Huge growth in online financial services activity - Struggle to be key global finance players - Giants will partner with small players to develop new retail and wholesale financial products and services rapidly - Relationship and trust will always dominate top-end premium banking relationships - One-click bank account changes will be on the horizon - Credit / charge card use will grow as written cheques all but disappear. "