December 23, 2012

How Oncolytic Viruses Kill Cancer Cells: research, trials, cancer treatm...

How Oncolytic Viruses Kill Cancer Cells: research, clinical trials, cancer treatment, possible cure for cancer

More: . How oncolytic viruses work to kill cancer cells in melanoma, head and neck, prostate cancer and glioblastoma brain timours. Replication of oncolytic viruses inside tumours. Pre-clinical trials. Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials on oncolytics. Use of oncolytic viruses to treat advanced malignant melanoma and mestatases – Amgen research using an oncolytic virus developed from HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). Problems with traditional chemotherapy – side effects. Why Amgen bought an oncolytic viruse for $500m in cash and $500m to be paid if oncolytic trials are fully successful. Investor interest in oncolytic viruses. Lessons from the history of research and development in monoclonal antibodies in cancer treatment. Why targeted cancer therapy – a so-called “magic bullet” is so needed. How oncolytic viruses have been modified so that they cannot replicate in normal cells, but are still able to divide in a wide variety of human cancer cells. History of oncolytic viruses. Arming oncolytic viruses. Using viruses like Seprehvir (HSV-1716), adapted to carry an additional payload: extra genes which teach infected cancer cells to take up a compound containing radioactive iodine from the blood, delivering a micro-dose of radiation inside individual cancer calls. Or adding a gene which teaches cancer cells how to split a harmless pro-drug into two, inside the cell, releasing a very toxic chemo (alkylating agent). Targetting oncolytic viruses – by adapting the feet of a virus to that they latch onto receptors on the surface of specific human cancer cells such as prostate. Results of early Phase III Rheolysin clinical trials – combined oncolytic virus and cancer chemotherapy. Side effects and safety profile of oncolytic viruses in clinical studies. FDA safety review of oncolytic viruses and approval for systemic administration of oncolytic viruses to children with advanced cancer. How genes work in viruses, and how genetic engineering allows us to cut and paste genes from one species into another. Patrick Dixon author of The Genetic Revolution, Chairman of Global Change Ltd, an advisor to many large pharma companies and to Virttu Biologics Ltd.

March 25, 2012

Future of Music - the secret of great music - music physics, performance...

What exactly is music? The secret of great music. Physics of sound and how it communicates. How all great music connects with passion and all great performers provoke a response from those who listen. The elusive magic of a world class musician and why live performance will become increasingly important in a virtual, online world. Future of the Music Industry.  Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, futurist, leading authority on global trends, conference speaker -- (bad) player of many different instruments and amateur composer.