May 07, 2010

The Future of Politics and Democracy

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Future of democracy, politics, political parties and lobbying in a world which no longer trusts politicians and cannot be bothered (often) to vote. Crisis of confidence in Westminster, UK mother of all democratic Parliaments, also in America, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine and other nations. Expenses scandal and challenges also in European Commission. Bribery and corruption in political life. Future of politics and political parties. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon author of The Truth about Westminster, and conference keynote speaker.

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February 14, 2010

Future of Fund Management, Banking and Pensions

Future of fund management - here is a video and other material I posted recently following a Mercer client presentation. It is about the crisis of trust impacting pension investing right now, and the crisis of self-confidence amongst fund managers themselves about the value they create (or do not create) as a result of their highly paid decision-making.