April 09, 2008

Social and demographic / lifestyle trends -- impact on ...

Need for students to understand demographic challenges, global challenges. Issues of injustice (perceived) and potential for future conflicts. Example of oil industry in Nigeria. Militant activists, moral passion, attacks, sabotage, kidnapping, security issues. Small numbers of activists will have huge power in tomorrow's world. Video on future of education, high schools, colleges, universities, curriculum, trends, syllabus, exams, assessments, business schools, MBAs, degree courses - by Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist conference keynote speaker for NAIS.

Work - life balance in emerging economies v America and EU

How work-life balance issue is changing as workers become wealthier through more than one generation. What people want from workplace. Soft issues and emotional intelligence. Purpose, meaning and motivation at work. Connecting with corporate vision and mission. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon.