May 11, 2011

Future of food and drink industry: fast, quality, value. Keynote confere...

Future of convenience stores, corner store retailing, food and drink industry, OXXO brand owned by FEMSA in Mexico. Fast food and drink, drink bottling including Coca-Cola, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, wholesaling, warehousing. Nutrition, performance and health foods, obesity, diabetes and social responsibility. Futuro de las tiendas de conveniencia, venta al por menor tienda de la esquina, la alimentación y la industria de las bebidas, una cadena OXXO propiedad de FEMSA en México. De comida rápida y bebidas, envasado bebidas como Coca-Cola, logística, distribución, fabricación, venta al por mayor, el almacenamiento. La nutrición, el rendimiento y la salud los alimentos, la obesidad, la diabetes y la responsabilidad social. Impact of ageing -- medical research into aging process. Future of community shops. Employee engagement, customer excellence, brands, branding and corporate image. Energy efficiency and helping the environment. Mexico, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Argentina economic development. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, author Futurewise -- video. Soft drinks, carbonated non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, bottled water, dairy and other milk based drinks -- key industry trends. Impact of revolutions in Middle East, Tunisia, Egypt, unrest in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen. How small trends create big futures. Managing uncertainty, agile leadership styles. Future of marketing, management and motivation. Globalisation -- mergers and acquisitions. YouTube, social networking and future of broadcasting. Future of oil prices, energy costs and energy savings. Fuel from food contribution to rising food prices and riots. Demand for commodity prices and impact on manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Sustainability and sustainable economic growth. Demographics and urbanization, tribalism and globalization. Future ethics and government regulation. Future of Latin America and emerging nations economic growth. Why the future will be driven not by innovation or technology, but by emotion, and why trust is so vital to corporate success in food and drink industries. Team building and change management. Examples of fear in Swine Flu, Bird Flu, nuclear accident following Japan earthquake and Tsunami. Institutional blindness and seeing world through eyes of our customers. Customer excellence and exceeding expectations in customer service, products, systems and processes. Operational excellence must be built on clear strategy which in turn requires accurate view of future trends, competitor activity -- as well as clear corporate vision and corporate mission / purpose. Impact of mobile digital technology / smartphones on customer choices and workplace. New patterns of use of email, impact of ipad, iphone etc, wireless payment systems impact on retail and financial services, death of traditional credit and debit cards. Key to all change management, all leadership and all motivation -- basis of every mission statement and corporate purpose: corporate ethics. Building a better world. Summary of the most powerful leadership speech in the world. How the most powerful and evil leaders use the same foundations in their speech -- how to use the lesson to make great things happen. Spanish translation.

Future of Oil Prices -- energy prices, Middle East stability, global eco...

Future trends relating to energy prices and oil price per barrel. Impact on global economic growth of rising oil prices. Balance between oil production and oil consumption. Peak oil and proven global oil reserves -- why they are rising. Oil from coal -- future trends in coal industry. Petroleum based products and petrochemical industry -- growing demand for all kinds of commodities including steel, copper, oil, coal, gas, all part of the growth of emerging economies such as China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and so on. Impact on utility companies. Deep sea drilling, oilfields, engineering and environmental challenges including global warming / climate change. Impact of rising fuel costs on transport and transportation industry, aviation, rail travel, shipping, vehicle sales, car use, heating and air conditioning systems, building design and manufacturing. OPEC production quotas and their impact on global economic growth. Instability and revolution, impact of popular protests across Middle East oil producing nations. Government policy changes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia. Link between oil wealth and local unemployment. Inequalities of wealth and wealth distribution in future by governments keen to maintain political power. Impact of alternative energy production on oil consumption. Predictions for future energy costs. Video by conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, author of Sustainagility and Futurewise.

Future of Travel, Tourism, Hotels - European consumer trends

Future of the travel industry, package holidays, tourism, travel agents, corporate travel, vacation planning, online booking systems, social networks, facebook, twitter. Video comment made after keynote speech at Antalya Turkey conference on tourism. Future of Eco-tourism and growth of medical tourism, culture festivals, sports tourism, adventure holidays. Competition between Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey - related to exchange rates. Antalya future tourist trends compared to Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Barcelona, Istanbul. Ministry of Tourism and Tourism agencies. Branding and marketing of resorts, regions and nations. Culture and ancient history, archeological sites, Greek and Roman remains. Meditterranean and Aegean sea - cruises, yaughts and water-based holidays. Consumer lifestyle trends and ageing of European travellers. Economy and exchange rates. How tourism and travel will grow over the next decade. Comment by conference keynote speaker and Futurist Patrick Dixon, author Futurewise and Sustainagility. Air travel, rail travel, cruise industry, coach tours, guided tours. Family, senior citizens and retired people all have different travel needs when staying in hotels, hostels, self-catering accommodation. How all inclusive holidays can damage local communities by reducing eating out in restaurants, cafes and bars. Impact of budget holidays on premium market.

Future Inflation - or deflation? Economic Outlook Europe / US

Economic outlook - inflation or deflation. Inflationary pressures on many national economies following fiscal stimulus and growth of consumer demand. Government action to prevent deflation makes inflation more likely in short to medium term. Why deflationary forces so feared by governments and corporations. Future interest rates and GDP growth impact on manufacturing, industry. Business cycles and where they are likely to go next. Preparing for a boom followed by a downturn. How to make money out of business cycles. Economic forecasts and projections - Europe, UK, Africa, China, India, US, Asia. Managing uncertainty and risk. Banks and banking, investments and fund management, portfolio and wealth creation for pension funds. Institutional investors and bankers. Comment by Futurist keynote conference speaker Patrick Dixon

Future of High Speed Rail - Passenger Growth and Freight Challenges