March 29, 2008

List of 50 new videos on YouTube

Funny cartoon about US immigration - lessons for customer services

Funny cartoon about call-centre customer frustrations

Can we find a cure for diabetes?

Can we find a cure for rheumatoid arthritis?

Joint replacement for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Future of the pharmaceutical industry

What is a Futurist?

How do you become a Futurist?

Futurist methodology - research into trends

How do you keep up to date as a Futurist?

What have I got wrong as a Futurist?

Work-life balance - future working patterns

Work-life balance in emerging economies


Real estate and construction industry trends

Life insurance, pensions and life expectancy trends

Staying young: impact of anti-ageing research

Leadership and motivation at work

How business can reduce global poverty

Limits to economic growth and sustainability

Why ports, ships and shipping will dominate global trade

Global warming and sustainability

Global warming - why planting trees has limited impact

Water wars - and water shortages

More nations, rise of nationalism

Economic growth of former Soviet Bloc nations, Russia etc

Too late for outsourcing?

Outsourcing in India, China, Asia and Central Europe

Mobile phones, banking and financial services trends

Convergence and divergence

Power of tribes, clash of cultures and impact on consumer groups

Bottom of the pyramid - selling to the world's poor and making a difference

Microloans, microfinane, microcredit and future of banking

Motivation at work - leadership and passion

Intellectual copyright - protection of patents

Motivation at work - increase work place motivation

Business values - corporate and social responsibility really matters

Global brands, mergers and demergers

Customer focus and call-centre disasters

Women consumers rule - female customer trends

Insurance market in India, China and rest of Asia

Online communities and impact on marketing

Migration, immigration and the ageing crisis

Future of the Petrochemical Industry

Sovereign wealth funds - investment trends

Commodity shortages and prices - global trends

Retail revolution in India

Demographic impact on business

Trust and business leadership, marketing and brand image

Market research - how to get results

Risk management - leadership in uncertain times - wild cards

People do crazy things under pressure - power of emotion

Managing speed of change - leadership styles

Six faces of the future

Institutional blindness

Future of education

Education trends in a fast-changing world

Future technology and education

Future education - instant knowledge