December 03, 2005

Skype Partners For Webcam Sales

Skype has launched a video-enabled addition to the free telephone service after being bought recently by e-Bay. It works well and is a fast, easy way to get low cost videolinks but does not yet rival traditional videoconference software. Logitech and Creative joined Skype on Thursday to co-market the Luxembourg-based VoIP developer's newest software with their cameras and headsets. Skype has released the beta version of Skype 2.0, which features integrated video calling.

Skype worked with Logitech and Creative to ensure that their webcams would function properly with new video functions of Skype 2.0. Many of Logitech's QuickCam range of webcams have been certified to work with Skype 2.0, including Fusion, Orbit, Pro, Zoom, and Notebooks Pro models. Creative, meanwhile, has introduced the Creative WebCam Instant Skype Edition, which bundles a webcam with headset, Skype, and a stand-alone microphone. Creative's Skype-certified webcams will be available at retailers in Europe, while Logitech's can be purchased through the Skype online store. Skype 2.0 can be downloaded from the Skype Web site.