May 02, 2006

Growth of churches in London

I went with some of my family to visit Hillsong church in London recently – which has grown from nothing to over 6000 people in less than 6 years, meeting at the Dominian Theatre.  They have three meetings packed full of young adults, many of which are from Australia.  Part of a new phenomenon.  Hillsong has just started another new church in Paris and has a base in Sydney.

May 01, 2006

Futurists and risk management

Much of futuring and the work of a futurist is about risk management: advising boards and senior teams as part of their own due diligence.  This could be helping anticipate competitor behaviour, understanding consumer trends, or preparing for possible wild cards (low probability, high impact risks).


Every successful organisation and business leader is deeply involved in future thinking, and every innovation is a response to it, or help shapes it.