March 18, 2005

Watch TV documentary about Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist:

"Watch SWR TV documentary on Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist - in London and Dubai
What does a Futurist actually do? Dr Dixon is contacted by TV, radio and press journalists around 200 times a year (up to 70 times in a single day) for comment on major issues and trends. Here is a short film made as a result of one of those calls.
SWR, the German equivalent of the BBC, sent a film crew to London to follow Dr Patrick Dixon over four days in December 2003. Dr Dixon has been ranked as one of the 50 most influential global business thinkers alive today (Thinkers50). SWR came to find out what day to day life is like.
The short film sequence joins Dixon at a government-sponsored think-tank on global trends with 25 other analysts, at home in his own TV studio from which he lectures to audiences in up to nine nations at the same time. We then travel with Dixon to Dubai where he speaks about 'The Spirit of Success' at a major client event for Fedex / Times of India, and then travels on, commenting on wider geo-political issues. "