May 15, 2008

Future of Telecom Industry conference keynote at ICT Belgacom - Patrick Dixon

VIDEO: Future of Telecom Industry conference keynote at ICT Belgacom - Patrick Dixon: " "

Future of telecom industry video. Client experience. Future trends in telecommunications. Bandwidth, new technology, innovation, business use of communications. Virtual teams, virtual communications, why people often do not like videoconference. Consumer behaviour, decisions and use of technology. Conference keynote lecture by Dr Patrick Dixon. Business management. Integration of business solutions, voice over internet protocol, VOIP, servers, websites, streaming and business image. Credit card transactions, secure processing of payments, RFID and biometrics, fingerprint recognition. Mobile phone companies and remittances – payment transfers across countries / national borders. Future innovation and partnership between banks and telecom companies.Why market research often gives wrong answers about future telecom consumer trends. Mobile phone growth and market share in emerging markets, developed markets and developing markets.Importance of SMS for low-income mobile phone users. Bandwidth, video streaming, impact of web TV and mobile phone TV. Impact of YouTube. GPS and mobile advertising, direct marketing using SMS and targeting niche markets. Next generation advertising and commercial promotions.RFID integration into mobile devices. Automatic readouts of RFID and barcode product information. Replacement of credit cards and bank cards using mobile payment systems Divergence and convergence in mobile digital world. All innovation divergent. Dangers of benchmarking – converges on price, features and quality. Competitive advantage from divergence. Reliability and simplicity. Problems synchronising personal organisers, mobile phones and PCs with software such as Outlook, unreliable, over-complex technology fails to deliver as promised. Mobile devices in control systems, automatic meter reading, medical monitoring. Web 2.0 and online communities, mobile blogging, mobile video diaries. Social networks and social networking using online communities, on corporate image, brand development, product sales and recruitment. Old Advertising is dead in web 2.0 world. Call centres + customer relationship management. Atomatic answering systems can destroy client relationships. Keep close to customers: latest call centre technology.