June 21, 2006

How sustainable is our future?

Talked today to 50 executives at Impact conference today on Corporate and Social Responsibility / sustainable enterprise.  Huge shift taking place inside the largest corporations about these issues and a growing recognition that they are important to consumers, shareholders and staff.  Here are some interesting statistics:


          Only 10% of big ocean fish remain

          Most global fishing is under threat

          25% of all mammals face extinction (by 2035 say UN)

          1 in 8 plant species face extinction

          CO2 levels are at their highest for a million years

          Even if all carbon emissions stop, sea levels will go on rising for 1000 years

          Stabilising CO2 at 450ppm will cost 1% of gross world product (level is 370 parts per million today)

          Continuing without change could cost 10% of gross world product

          In 1990 emerging nations produced 39% of the world’s carbon dioxide - by 2010 it will be 55%


See the presentation on http://www.globalchange.com/ppt4/sustain