March 15, 2005

books.htm: "Twelve Books by Dr Patrick Dixon
320,000 books printed in 19 languages (English, French, German, Polish, Chinese, Thai, Portugese, Estonian, Latvian, Russian, Czech, Hausa, Paite, Hindi, Urdu, Hungarian, Luganda, Nepalese and Swahili), plus a million chapters downloaded in just 15 months. Dr Dixon is often described in the world's media as Europe's leading Futurist, and has been ranked as one of the world's 50 most influential business thinkers.
NEWS: 'Building a Better Business' published in April 2005 with a $20,000 challenge - see below - also press reviews.
Free copies of 'AIDS and You' are available now in English, Spanish, French and Russian and many other languages listed above, in bulk, to organisations for distribution in developing countries - from ACET International Alliance website, in partnership with OM. The widely acclaimed handbook 'The Truth about AIDS' is available on the same basis. Save lives and care for those affected: donate to ACET online. $15 supports 10 AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe for a month; $130 supports a schools worker in Ukraine for a month; $50 pays for 150 books for project workers in India."