July 18, 2011

Food and Drink Industry, Health, Nutrition and Obesity, consumers, custo...

Obesity impact on future of food industry, prevention of weight problems, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Rapid growth in numbers of obese babies, children and young adults. Demographic impact of 1 billion children and their parents. Demand for bottled water by worried parents. Huge growth in low carb sparking beverages, fruit drinks, soft drinks, carbonated beverages with nutritional benefit. Trends in sales of low sugar drinks, with nutrition labeling, Coca-Cola sales, added vitamins, antioxidants. Future of beverages industry. Food and drink for health, disease prevention and to improve life expectancy, so food becomes a health product. Worries about obesity and impact on food and beverage sales, consumer choice, product formulation. Retail food sales and fast food outlets are all affected by move to healthier products. Marketing shift to providing information to customers so that they can make informed choices. Food regulation -- safety, nutrition, obesity risks, healthy diet. Video made at Femsa event -- Patrick Dixon conference keynote speaker.
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