May 30, 2008

What are we educating people for? Preparation for Life

What kind of world will students and MBA participants face? Fundamental global changes. Obsession with exams, grades, syllabus and traditional methods of assessment. Need to prepare students for life challenges, for rapid change, to make wise choices with long term aims in mind. Failure of students ability to form long term relationships. Need for education on relationships, marriage, friendship, conflict resolution, anger management, communication. Romantic dream still alive in young people, teenagers. Why students are looking for answers on love and relationships. Failure of colleges and schools to teach students about relationships, obsessed with narrow view of what education is about. Secrets of long term relationship success. Divorce and relationship breakdown is major cause of failure to achieve in other areas. Teaching secrets of personal happiness and contentment. Why personal fulfilment is increasingly important in education. I am a physician and welfare of pupils is a deep concern. Ultimate purpose and meaning. Video on future of education, high schools, colleges, universities, curriculum, trends, syllabus, exams, assessments, business schools, MBAs, degree courses - by Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist conference keynote speaker for NAIS.

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