June 08, 2011

Future of Insurance - insurance industry trends

Future of Insurance - insurance industry trends: "Industry videos, articles and presentations given by Futurist conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon to insurance industry audiences around the world. What is the future of the insurance industry? Future of online insurance, domestic and motor insurance, life and health insurance, commercial insurance and insurance underwriting. You will find many resources below on particular insurance trends.

Insurance is about managing risk: sharing risk exposure across a wide number of people or organisations. Insurance is therefore at root a community activity: each setting aside money on a regular basis to form a common fund which is used to assist members in times of crisis due to an insured event. Insurance is fundamental to daily life in developed nations, enabling individuals and businesses to manage their existence with a measure of security.

The insurance industry is often seen in the media in a negative way: 'they keep premiums as high as possible and pay out as little as possible'."

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