June 08, 2011

Future of Aviation Industry - Radical Change

Future of Aviation Industry - Radical Change: "Future of Aviation and Airlines – articles, videos and presentations on the future of aviation, airlines, travel and tourism by Futurist conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon. His clients include Air France, KLM, EADS / Airbus, Virgin Atlantic, Dassault Falcon.

Future of Aviation and Airlines: The travel and hospitality industries are amongst the most vulnerable to global or local shocks. That means contingencies, cash reserves, hedging of major risks such as oil prices. But most of all it means agile and bold leadership who think ahead, with more than one strategy depending on how events unfold.

Airline manufacturers and airlines themselves will continue to exploit significant energy savings over the next 20 years from a wide range of new technologies, including better airline engine design, lighter composite fuselage, more direct aircraft routing. Efficiencies will also be gained from fuller planes, faster turnaround, economies of scale (consolidation of smaller airlines). For more on greener aviation, see below."

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